Graduated December 2013

Freedom Service Dogs found Rommy through the Colorado Prison Trained K9 Companion Program. He is a labradoodle who is a ham just like his dad, Shon. If he thinks Shon is getting too much attention he has to get his face up front! Rommy has made it possible for Shon to go so many more places – even the mall. He will “peek” around corners to let Shon know if someone is coming and this makes Shon feel very safe. Rommy has given Shon a reason to get up in the morning and Shon has to spend the rest of his day keeping up with Rommy! If they are not in class, as Rommy has made it possible for Shon to go back to school, you will find them in the park as Rommy is chasing whatever Shon has found to throw or running alongside Shon as he skateboards through Fruita, Colorado. In training for over 10 months at Freedom Service Dogs with Cathy, he became a constant on her hip. However, as she can attest to, as soon as he met Shon, it was love at first sight. Rommy is first Deckers Dog ever to be placed, and he set a precedent for all others to follow.
Rommy and Cathy 2

Rommy Christmas3