Graduated December 2015

Fresca was rescued from a shelter in New Mexico by Freedom Service Dogs in February, 2015. She’s an adorable blue heeler mix with beautiful speckles, and soulful eyes. From the beginning, it was clear that Fresca loves to work, and after passing all of her preliminary evaluations, she started on her path to become a service dog. Over the course of nine months, Fresca went through training at Freedom Service Dogs, and in November, she was matched with her veteran partner, Randall. The bond between Randall and Fresca was immediate, and after officially graduating from Freedom Service Dogs on December 5, 2015, they are now constant companions. Randall said that in the short amount of time they have been a team, he already notices a change in his life. She is trained to bring her leash to him first thing in the morning, which helps him get out of bed and get going. He said that with Fresca around, he feels happier already, and more comfortable going out in public. With so much success in the first few weeks, it’s incredible to imagine all the positive changes to come as Randall and Fresca work together as part of team Deckers Dogs!


Fresca and Randall