Graduated June 2014

Decker was found as a stray near Pueblo, Colorado and came to FSD through the Colorado Prison Trained K9 Companion Program. He is a big handsome chocolate lab, named after Eric. Decker’s trainer in the prison program called him a gentle giant. He is primarily a brace and balance dog. He will also retrieve items for his mom, Dianna, and she says Decker is so proud of himself when he helps tug off her socks. Dianna goes out into public more often and feels more confident now that her best buddy Decker is always by her side. Trained by Kate at Freedom Service Dogs for more than 10 months, it is always hard to let a dog like Decker go. However, watching him and Dianna, Kate and the entire staff at FSD knew it was a match that was meant to be. FSD was even recently sent a holiday card where Decker served in a wedding party with his mom! He had a collar to match the bridesmaids’ dresses!