In Training

Baloo is a very handsome collie mix that was surrendered to Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, Colorado by his previous owner. He came to Freedom Service Dogs in April, 2015 to begin his journey from shelter dog to service dog with the help of his trainer, Sarah. While he wasn’t always the hardest working dog, he was always eager to be around people and to offer his affection. After ten months in training, FSD knew that Baloo would be the perfect match for Johnny, a Marine Corps Reserve veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Baloo helps Johnny to be more present and involved with his family, attending school events and other activities. He also helps Johnny to be more comfortable in public and active in his community. Baloo has been custom-trained to perform tasks such as post, block, nudge, lean, and room sweeps. These tasks help Johnny to be less anxious around other people and help to mitigate his PTSD symptoms. They have only been together a short while but are already a dynamo team. Johnny is deeply grateful for Freedom Service Dogs and Deckers Dogs for Baloo. He says he now experiences much more freedom and security, and that Baloo is not only his service dog, but he has also become a part of his family.