On March 14th 2015 volunteers joined Free Arts NYC for a special opportunity held at Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center sponsored by The Eric and Jessie Decker Foundation. Volunteers were paired with children from the afterschool program at the site and mentored them through a morning of hands-on art activities. The day was centered on the theme Finding My Superpowers. Volunteers helped their buddies to create Alter Ego Masks, Model Magic Sidekicks, Community Dioramas, and Superhero Emblems. They ended the day with a pizza lunch and dance performance.

Thank you to the volunteers who participated; their generosity made it possible for a group of low-income children to receive personalized attention, a creative outlet and the support of positive adult role models. Days like this will help these youth to develop the resiliency needed to rise above their disadvantage and succeed.

Each year, Free Arts NYC engages over 1,600 at-risk children and families in high-quality arts mentoring programs. Incredible partnerships, like the one they have with Eric and Jessie Decker Foundation, are what allow them to continue to bring the joys of art-making into underserved communities across New York City.

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